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We have a huge selection of discount football kits (you may say cheap football kits) and sportswear from all of the major kit manufacturers in the world. Choose from Adidas, Nike  adidas and  mitre, all available at a great price, and personalised to order for your team. The high-quality branded sportswear and football kits that we carry have price ranges to suit every budget, and we work with a lot of local teams to help them find the perfect uniforms at a very low cost - so they get professional football kits at exceptional

All of our football kits , from cheap football kits in the bargain ranges to the highest-quality sportswear, are well-made, durable football wear that stand up to dirt, hard use, and years of washing - so our football kits play as hard as you do. At PSL Custom Kit we're proud of our range of partners which represent the top brands in football kits and sportswear, brands that professionals wear, at a price you can afford. All our football kits are customisable, and come in a range of colours, print and embroidery options.

discount football kitsOur state-of-the-art customisation facility allows you to personalise your team uniforms by adding numbers, sponsors and club badges to your football kits. Our hard-wearing sportswear is available in a wide range of colours and we can help your club create its own unique club crest, because we know that looking good is half the game, so we help you to build a professional and co-ordinated image that gives your team a solid foundation.

The power of personalisation shines through in our custom embroidered sportswear logos. Our embroidery software digitizes your company logo, club crest, text or artwork and the result is stitched with one of our state-of-the-art automatic embroidery machines. We can embroider on polo shirts, T-shirts, or onto any sportswear item such as football kitsí tops and shorts, cricket, rugby, rounders and on corporate sportswear clothing too. We're always happy to brainstorm ideas, no matter how simple or
complex, and with our unique "Rapid Renew" service, any future garments can be customised within a 2 day lead-time - no more waiting weeks for your customised sportswear.

Call or email us now - we'll be happy to help with any questions regarding orders for football kits or any of our sportswear.

discount football kits