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Cricket Kits The 70s and 80s
Custom Kit in one form or another has been in the cricket industry for the best part of thirty years, and over those years the style of cricket playing wear has changed considerably.  Gone are the Hand knitted woollen sweaters carefully put together with the click of needles by your mother over the winter months ready for the new cricket season, Only for you to pull it on the front door handle when you were off for a game and put a huge hole in the side.  Gone are the crisp white shirts (school shirts) worn by the first and second teams with button up fronts, ironed to perfection by the wife or the mother. Unless you were little billy (12th man smith) whose white shirt favoured something worn Billy Casper, off white and creased to buggery.

Customising the Kit in the 80s
Now back in the 70s and 80s we all had team kit, however im sure i remember at club level only the odd cricketer had customised cricket shirts or caps, or was it just the traditional knitted club sweater that was introduced by one team member who had a mate who had a mate who could get them done cheaply for £70 each with the club logo stitched to the front. I only saw a couple of baggy blue caps and a massive wolly jumper with my team logo on the left side back then. It was a rareity

Times have changed for custom cricket clothing
Yes, now the times have definitely changed for custom cricket shirts and with the introduction of some fantastic new techniques, mum doesnt have to spend all winter knitting your club sweater.  All the big brands such as Gunn & Moore, Gray Nicolls, adidas, New Balance etc etc have introduced new cricket kits which can be easiliy customised with your club cricket logo on and now emblazened with club sponsors "The White Horse" or "Plumbing World" these are now a common feature on team playing shirts and kit. Oh and now add to that team names and numbers splashed all over the back. Technology has been made and times have changed, prices are lower and designs are easily transposed from a simple idea onto a  laptop then  to the front of the shirts, or indeed the sides and backs.

What is Available These Days

Add to the shirts, sweaters, sleeveless sweaters, caps (still)  training tops, and pants, rain jackets, One Day Tops, T20 shirts and trousers, names and numbers, 45 different sponsors, club colours, striped on the arms, striped on the back, T20 Clothing in all sorts of colours. The Cricket teams these days are a long way from mum or gran knitting the sweaters, its cheaper (probably) than it was in the 70s and 80s, the technology makes that happen. And now new brands such as new balance and adidas have made themselves known in the market with massive sponsorship deals with top players like joe root and ben stokes and your team can look a million dollars.

Whats available from Custom Kit
We can provide you with everything mentioned above, we will work with you and help you design your full kit from start to finish, we will help you place your logos and sponsors, names and numbers and advise you what would work best with your team colours and designs. We can also help with Cricket Training Kits which these days every team is wearing to the games and in training on a weekday night.

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