Ordering a customised garment from Custom Kit can be quite an easy task.  Selecting your items, uploading logos and sponsors badges is all part of the order process.  But what happens after your order has been placed and why can it appear to take weeks to get your orders fulfilled.


Stage 1 - Design Process (Several Hours)

In order to ensure you are happy with what your order is going to look like, we can produce mockups of your garments which will show you what it will look like on completion.  This design process can take several hours of time to get the logos designed on our design systems and sponsors logos attached to the images.

Stage 2 - Ordering

After we have agreed the design and the quantity ordered, we will then take the order and order each size and colour directly with the manufacturer.

Custom Kit as you can imagine cannot stock every size and colour of garment from every supplier, its just impossible.  We hold a very small amount of stock in store for samples to show clients. We may also have some "leftovers" from cancelled orders.

Stage 3 - Delivery - (4-8 weeks)

Garments can literally take 4-8 weeks to arrive from the manufacturer, this is no way ideal, but these time frames are becoming more and more common, as manufacturers struggle to get the amount of orders they receive out the door.  They also in recent years have tried to shrink their own stock holding - and sometimes have to go back to their manufacturers to reorder stock. 

Stage 4 - Customisation (1-4 weeks)

Once we have received the items into stock, the customisation process starts.  Custom Kit can and does embroider small orders itself, however for bulk orders we use local companies to get logos onto garments (its quicker).  This process itself can take 1-4 weeks as at busy times of the year they too are running at capacity.

After embroidery the garments will come back to custom kit and we will then personalise the garments with club sponsors, names and numbers. Every logo or badge you see on a garment has to be printed and manually applied to the garment, it really isn't a 5 minute job, if there are multiple names numbers and badges.

Stage 5 - Delivery

After we have had all the customisation and personalisation done for the garments we will then either inform the customer to pickup the order or we will ship this order to the customer.  This process usually take 1-3 days for delivery.

Club Shop Orders

We run lots and lots of club shops which helps the clubs with the administration of player orders.  This has been very successful for both custom kit and the clubs involved. 

However, we do not stock the items for the club shops.  The items are not sat on a shelf waiting for customers to order and have them delivered next day.  The club shop orders use the same process detailed above, however we WILL wait for several club shop orders to come in so we can batch the orders together making it easier and more cost effective to produce.


Importance of Ordering Early

We cannot stress how important it is for you and your members/players to order early.  Ordering 2 weeks before the season kicks off is simply going to cause frustration as players and parents who do not understand the customisation process get annoyed at the timescales involved.

If you have any questions about our processes, please email info@customkit.com or visit our Contact us section


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